On Wed May 27, 2020, CAE will patch our Unity servers, which is where students and staff store their files. The process will begin around 6AM and run until approximately Noon. Each file server (files.cae.wisc.edugroupspace.cae.wisc.edu, etc) will experience brief ( < 5 min) outage twice as the active node reboots and services move to the standby node. The impact should be minimal, but if you experience any long delays or unexpected behavior, plase contact the CAE help desk at helpdesk@cae.wisc.edu.
College of Engineering buildings are closed. CAE labs are closed. Students do not have access. Faculty/staff access is limited. We are providing remote access to required software for the remainder of the semester.

Welcome to the Computer-Aided Engineering Website. Here is your portal to information and resources for computing in the College of Engineering. Take a look around, click on the links and let us know how we can improve the site!


Currently, the buildings in the College of Engineering are closed. Students do not have access, and faculty/staff should be present only with approval or emergency situations. CAE labs are closed.

Some helpful links can be found in the KB documents below:

Faculty/staff resources:  https://kb.wisc.edu/cae/page.php?id=99017

Student resources:

Software for distance learning:


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