CAE is working with the engineering departments to make available as many software titles as possible. For information about software that is available, please check with your department.

This list is for software that is intended to be offered in the Fall/Spring semesters. For a current list of software offered for distance learning in the summer 2020, please see


CAE has dozens of industry standard Engineering software packages and many productivity tools on CAE lab computers. Below is a breakdown of where these titles are located. The columns labeled Windows and Linux refer to machines located in CAE labs. The XenApp column are titles that are available via remote access called XenApp. Finally, the Install column is a list of software titles that can be downloaded and installed to your machine. 

Software Windows Linux XenApp Install
3DSSPP         W
Adams/Ftire         W      L
Adobe Acrobat         W
Adobe CC (InDesign, Premier Pro, Dreamweaver)         W
Adobe CS6 (Fireworks)         W
ADS (Keysight)      L
Altium Designer         W        X
Ansys         W      L        X       I
ArcGIS         W
Arduino IDE      L
Arena         W
Aspen         W
AutoCad (architecture,Civil3D, MEP, Invetor, Revit)         W       I
Biowin         W
BlueBeam         W
Cadence      L
Calibre      L
Code Composer (TI)         W
Comsol         W
Creo         W
Dantsys      L
Decision Tools (@Risk, Precision Tree)         W
DFMA         W
EES         W        X
Electric CLSI Design      L
FEHT         W
FreeMat      L
GNU Compiler      L
HeliOS      L
ImageJ         W
JAVA      L
Kiel uVision         W
LabVIEW         W        X       I
LTSpice         W
Maple         W      L        X       I
Mastercam         W       I
MathCad Prime         W
Mathematica         W      L        X       I
MATLAB         W      L        X       I
Mentor Graphics Suite (see Calibre, ModelSim)
Microsoft Office         W      L
Minitab         W        X
ModelSim         W      L        X
Moldex3D         W
MSC Suite (see Adams/FTire, Nastran, Patran)         W      L
Nastran      L
Navisworks Manage         W      L
Notepad++         W
NX         W      L
GNU Octave      L
Patran      L
Pipe (KYPipe)         W
Primavera         W
Putty         W
PTC (see Creo, MathCad)         W      L         W      L       I
Quartus         W      L
R         W      L
Revit         W
Ricardo Wave         W
SAP2000         W        X
SecureCRT         W
SketchUp         W
SolidWorks         W        X       I
SSVNC         W
STK         W
Synopsys      L
UVision         W
WaveForms         W
WinEST         W
WinRAR         W