CAE has over 150 software titles available on CAE lab computers. Below is a breakdown of where these titles are located. The columns labeled Windows and Linux refer to machines located in CAE labs. The XenApp column are titles that are available via remote access called XenApp. Finally, the Software VPN column is a list of software titles that can be downloaded and installed to your machine. Please note that the titles under Software VPN that are marked ** can ONLY be installed on UW owned machines. This is due to licensing restrictions from the vendor.

Software Windows Linux XenApp Software VPN
Adobe Design Premium x
Agilent x
Altium Designer x x
Ansys x x x x
ArcGIS x
Arena x
AspenONE x
Attune x
AutoCad x x
AutoCAD Architecture x x
AutoCAD Civil 3D English x x
AutoCAD Civil 3D Imperial x x
AutoCAD Civil 3D Metric x x
AutoCAD MEP x x
Autodesk Inventor Professional x
Autodesk Revit x
AVR Studio x
BioWin x
Cadence x x x
CodeVisionAVR Compiler Evaluation x
ConventorWare x
Creo x
Cubit x
Dantsys x
Design for Assembly x
Dfm Confurrent Costing x
EES x x
EMS Enterprise x
FeatureCAM x x
FEHT x x
gams x
gamside x
Gnuplot x
Google Chrome x
Google Earth x
Google SketchUp x
GTPower x
gulp x
Helios x
helips x
HYDRUS -1D 4.xx x
ICE 2000 Estimating x
ImageJ x
ImgBurn x
KaleidaGraph x
Keil uVision x
LabView x x x x
Lazarus x
LTSpice x
Maple x x  x **
Mathcad x
Mathcad Prime x
MATLAB x x  x **
Mentor Graphics Suite x
Microsoft Office x
Minitab Statistical Software English x x
ModelSim x
Moldex3D x
Moldex3D Designer x
MPX (Student) x
MSC Adams Car (Solver) x x
MSC Adams Chassis x x
MSC Adams Driveline (Solver) x x
MSC Adams Flex x x
MSC Adams Insight x x
MSC Adams PostProcessor x x
MSC Adams Solver x x
MSC Adams View x x
MSC Nastran x x
mvta x
Navisworks Freedom x
Navisworks Manage x
NotePad++ x
NX x x x
OpenOffice x
OpenSim x
Paint Shop Pro x
Papercut NG Client x
Patran x
Pidgin x
Pirmavera Project Management x
Primavera Methodology Management x
Pulse Front-end Setup x
Pulse LabShop x
Python EPDLab x
Python IDLE x
Python Mayavi x
Python PyLab x
Python PyScipter x
Quartus Design Space Explorer x  x
Quartus x  x
QuickTime PictureViewer x
QuickTime Player x
QuotaInfo x
R for Windows GUI front-end x
RetScreen x
Rhinoceros x
Rhinoceros in Safe Mode x
Ricardo Wave x
SAP2000 x
Secure CRT x
SecureCRT x
SecureFX x
Siemens x
Silvaco x x
Slicer x
SolidWorks x x
SolidWorks eDrawings x
Spark x
Stanjan x
Structure Point Beam x
Structure Point Cad x
Structure Point Column x
Structure Point Frame x
synopsys x
Sysopsys x
Thunderbird x
TightVNC Viewer x
Trillian x
WaveForms x
West Point Bridge Designer x
Winamp x
WinRAR x
WinZip x
Wiresgark x
WiscCal x
WiscChat x
Wolfram Mathematica x x x
Wolfram Mathematica Kernel x
Xpress x
Xpress Commercial x