Getting Started

Welcome_tailgate04_6804 Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) is a College of Engineering facility available to any student with an engineering major or enrolled in an engineering course, as well as faculty and staff of the College. CAE provides users access to facilities and resources which allows them to effectively compute on the engineering campus.

Note: All users must be in compliance with all CAE Policies while using CAE facilities or resources.

For more information about CAE see: About Us.

Getting a CAE account: In order to be eligible for a CAE account, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

-You are an engineering student at UW Madison
-You are employed by the College of Engineering
-You are taking an engineering course at UW Madison
-You have Emeritus status

As a new user, you can activate your CAE account either online or at a Windows workstation in any of the CAE labs. Before you can activate your account, you must have had your University picture ID for about a week in order to be in the system.

CAE Resources: CAE accounts provide users with the tools to effectively and efficiently compute within the college of engineering. Users have access to a broad range of resources and services which include:

Labs: CAE labs are located throughout the College of Engineering campus. They provide users access to Windows and Linux machines as well as printing. Some of the labs are open 24 hours a day to provide users access at their convenience. For more information see: Labs.

Consultants: The Consultant’s Office is located in room 116 of the the CAE building (1410 Engineering Dr.). You can contact them in person by stopping in, by emailing or by calling them at 262-5349.For more information see: CAE Consultants.

Laptop Computers: Students in the College of Engineering are required to have a laptop computer. Many general questions about this have been answered here: If you need to buy a laptop, you should get a Windows computer as outlined here: The College of Engineering does not offer support for Macs.

You can use your personal wireless laptop at any location on the Engineering campus to complete coursework, access your CAE filespace, as well as print from the web to many of the CAE printers.

Software VPN and Remote Software: Software VPN and Remote Software are two methods of using CAE’s resources without actually being in a CAE lab. Some software is available for download and local install through the Campus Software Library ( This may require you to be connected to the network (VPN). A number of titles are available remotely through a web interface, For more information see: Software License VPN and Remote Software.

What is a CAE account?
How do I activate my CAE account?
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