If you have a question, you can look it up in the Knowledge Base or contact the Help Desk. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I get a CAE account?

A: CAE accounts are available only to CoE students and faculty. Eligibility is based on enrollment and/or CoE payroll. These accounts provide numerous CoE computing services, including access to engineering software, the Help Desk, and hundreds of Windows and Linux desktop computers. Because CAE accounts are restricted to users within CoE, they use a different login system than the NetID.

There are some special circumstances when a CAE account may be granted by request of a faculty or staff member. See https://kb.wisc.edu/cae/page.php?id=6613 for more details.

If you are eligible for an account, you may need to activate it. You can follow the directions here: https://kb.wisc.edu/cae/page.php?id=8177.

Q: Where is the scanner?

A: CAE does not maintain a scanner. The nearest scanners are at Wendt Library. The scanner on the second floor will scan to a file, while the scanner on the first floor will scan to a printer. In order to scan to the printer, you must have a print card with money available on it (you cannot use CAE print quota for this).

Q: How do I make a room reservation?

A: Please see the KB article on Requesting a CAE Lab Reservation

Q: I received an email that my account is expiring, what do I do?!?

A: The KB article on Access to CAE Resources is Expiring should explain what is going on.

Q: What is the difference between Software Licensing VPN and CoE VPN?

A: Software Licensing VPN, also called Software VPN or Licensing VPN, only allows access to the license servers. This is so that software titles that are available through the service known as tethered software can be authorized. Full VPN allows remote access to the CoE network, which includes the license servers. Confused? Software VPN = License VPN = Software License VPN which is what has replaced tethered software. CoE VPN is what everyone used to just call VPN.

Q: How do I set up my VPN?

A: This depends on which VPN needs to be set up. To set up Software VPN so you can authorize remote software, look at the KB article for Software Licensing VPN. If you are eligible for CoE VPN (generally grad students, faculty and staff), then see the KB article on Accessing the CoE VPN.

Q: I heard that CAE offers free copies of Windows, is this true?

A: Not exactly. Students and faculty/ staff can get Windows as well as all kinds of other software for free from MSDNAA. Office is not available, but you can get basic Office free by using Microsoft SkyDrive or purchase Office at a discounted rate from the DoiT tech Store. Another option for faculty and staff is to check with your DSP and see if the department has a licensse for Office!

Q: Do I need a laptop?

A: Maybe. Take a look at what we have to say about that and make your own decision.

Q: Can my CAE account really be suspended for eating in a CAE lab?

A: Yes. There are good reasons that food is not permitted in the labs. One is that crumbs, grease, and other bits of food damage computers and keyboards and create maintenance problems. Of more interest to you is the fact that keyboards and mice are dirty. Studies have shown that they can harbor more bacteria (including harmful ones) than a toilet seat! Keyboards get sneezed on in addition to the fact that not everyone washes their hands like they are supposed to after, well you know. There are hand sanitizer stations located in or near labs. Please use them often, maybe even right now!