There are several hundred computers available in CAE labs for anyone with a CAE login. In order to maximize the utility of the labs and maintain the computers to the best of our ability, there are a few lab use guidelines that everyone is expected to follow in addition to general CAE account policies. Keep in mind that CAE enforces campus policies, including mask compliance in the CAE labs.

CAE Lab Use Guidelines

  • If you must leave your computer for a short time, be sure to lock it. You are responsible for anything that occurs under your login. CAE staff may log a user out of an unlocked, unattended computer.
  • You are automatically logged off after 45 minutes of inactivity. This includes time when the computer is locked. The automatic log-out does not always save your work, so locking the computer will only work for short periods.
  • Please do not remotely log into a workstation that is in use and run a large program such as Ansys. The person sitting at the workstation has priority and should be able to run large programs.
  • Remember not to share your account information with anyone.
  • Be respectful of others. Limit your cell phone conversations, and use the group work areas for longer conversations and collaborating on projects.
  • Playing games on lab machines can be distracting to others around you. In addition, it reflects poorly on CAE when visitors walk through. Please refrain from gaming, but if you need to take a break, be considerate. Games with a lot of movement and action are distracting and should be avoided.
  • There is no food allowed in any CAE lab.
  • Beverages are now allowed in CAE labs but they must be in spill-proof containers. Travel mugs, athletic-style water bottles, and bottles with screw-tops are ideal.
  • If there is a problem with a computer or printer, please report it to the CAE Help Desk.

The mission of CAE is to provide you with computing services, guidance, and resources to assist you in achieving excellence as an engineering professional. To complete this mission, CAE needs your cooperation and the cooperation of your fellow students. By following the guidelines below, and using a little common sense, you can help yourself and your fellow students succeed at CAE.

Please read and know the UW System policy for use of Information Technology, located at  https://www.wisconsin.edu/regents/policies/acceptable-use-of-information-technology-resources/. It is your responsibility to know the policies. This page is meant to supplement the UW policy and does not supersede it. 

Lab Use Policies

You may find that there are three fundamental ethical principles in using computers:

  • Use computers in a responsible, sensible and legal manner
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Respect copyrights, licenses and the intellectual property of others

Consequences for violating these principles vary from temporary suspension of your CAE account to expulsion from school and even criminal prosecution. If your account is suspended, you must see the User Services Manager (room 270 CAE) to appeal for reinstatement.

Computer-Aided Engineering labs offer a unique computing environment. You, as a user of CAE resources, may be bound by licensing agreements and other rules not applicable to other University computers.

Here are the policies regarding the use of CAE computer labs:

  • You will have access to software through XenAppCampus Software Library and more. Know the rules for using and downloading them. Some software may only be downloaded on computers owned by UW.
  • Workstations must be attended. Reserving a workstation by placing a sign on it or by locking it is prohibited.
  • You may not be simultaneously logged into more than one workstation.
  • Allowing other people use your account or logging in as someone other than yourself  is a violation of UW policy and is enforced at CAE.
  • CAE reserves the right to require that machines be used for course work only. People needing to do work take precedence over those playing games or sleeping at a workstation.
  • Lab computers are always being used. If no one is logged in, the machine is being used by Condor. Please do not turn off or unplug lab computers. In addition, powering down a linux computer may disconnect a remote user. If you are experiencing a problem with a lab machine, please contact the Help Desk at 262-5349.
  • Please do not display pictures on your screen that may offend visitors or other students. Many college deans and company representatives walk through CAE’s labs. It is important that CAE labs and classrooms be places where everyone can feel comfortable. Use common sense and be thoughtful about others’ sensitivities.
  • Food is not permitted at any CAE workstation. Drinks are allowed if they are in a sealed, spill proof container. Food particles and spilled drinks are a constant source of maintenance and health issues.
  • Printers have problems…and often. Please do not try to fix a printer problem on your own, it invariably makes the problem worse. Call the Help Desk at 262-5349. Opening paper trays is not allowed, particularly to load your own paper.
  • Using CAE resources for personal gain is not permitted. Contracting with an organization outside of the UW and using CAE’s computers to carry out the contract on your student account is unethical and illegal. If the outside organization is part of the UW, have the organization contact CAE (or DoIT) about purchasing computer time.
  • Items found in a CAE lab should be taken to the help desk, located in Room 116 of 1410 Engineering Drive, when practical. If a USB storage device is turned in to the help desk, a reasonable effort will be made to identify the owner, including looking at files on the device. An effort will be made to respect the privacy of the owner as best as possible during this process.

Remember that when you are using CAE resources (either labs or through VPN), you are assigned a College of Engineering ip address that can be tracked back to YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read about CAE policies.