About Us


CAE is a facility that provides computing resources for College of Engineering. This includes providing a variety of resources for faculty, staff, and students. CAE provides access to over 100 software titles on over 600 workstations in 21 computer labs throughout the Engineering campus.  In addition to central computing facilities used by CAE and its user community, CAE also aids in operation and maintenance of a variety of computers dedicated to special purposes distributed throughout the College of Engineering.

The staff at CAE is comprised of wide range of people, all dedicated to the upkeep of CAE facilities around the College of Engineering. Our Consultants, Full-Time Staff, and Department Support Personnel each handle a different aspect of CAE’s operations to make sure that we provide the best possible support for our users.

Values and Priorities

Student computing – Work with instructors, students, and administration to provide a world class instructional computing environment including learning environments both physical and virtual with access to CAE resources.

Customer Service – Through the CAE Helpdesk, KnowledgeBase, and Request Tracker software, CAE helps to facilitate and (re)direct communication regarding various IT needs in the College of Engineering.

Automation and customer self-service – Without reinventing the wheel, we design and automate systems that allow you to do your work how you want, when you want.

Reliable College infrastructure – CAE values the importance of providing reliable, available computing and network infrastructure. We prioritize providing a consistent network computing environment with reliable, prompt, and expert support.

  • Provide a hosting environment that is robust, modern, and scalable with the tools required for the College to be successful
  • Provide enterprise-class storage with reliability, redundancy, and performance