Upcoming power outage in ME

The Facilities team has planned a building wide power outage for Mechanical Engineering to complete some work associated with research lab improvements in the basement.  The power outage will impact all power in the building; however, some of the building systems will be on emergency power.

Detailed Information:

Building:             Mechanical Engineering
Date:                   January 10, 2023
Time:                  5:00 AM – 8:00 AM (Approx. 3-hours)
Outage:              Complete Building Power Outage*

*Note: The building does have emergency back-up power, which will supply power to the following things once the generator kicks in 5-10 seconds after the outage.

Items on emergency power:

  1. Exhaust fans for fume hoods
  2. Air Handlers
  3. Process chilled water pumps
  4. Server room cooling (4170 only)
  5. Network switches (ME_4170 only – Space does have UPS to keep things on during switch to emergency power)