Upcoming power outage in EHall

The Facilities team has planned a building wide power outage for Engineering Hall.  The power outage will impact all power in the building; however, some of the building systems will be on emergency power.


Building:             Engineering Hall

Date:                   Saturday 01.07.23

Time:                   6:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Utility #1:           Electrical:  Most areas will be without power; however, there will be some spaces that are on emergency power or fed from a different source.  You should assume the power will be out in your area unless we coordinated

Utility #2:           Domestic Cold Water: Restrooms and Drinking water will be impacted.  This will not impact RO water or lab water


Please note:      Since this building will be without power or bathroom service, the building will be closed during this time and open as soon as the utility is restored.