CAE Software for Distance Learning

****This list is in progress. If you need something that is not here, please have your instructor contact your department chair to request it to be added to our “to-do” list.****

Below are the software titles that were requested by the departments in the College of Engineering for distance learning. Any other packages are not being made available at this time.

Please read the instructions on the left, and click on the software on the right to find more information about availability.

Please read and understand the following:

  • Some of the software is being offered remotely or for local install by a special exception by the software vendors. This privilege may be extended or revoked without notice.
  • Software available to install on student’s laptop
    • This method should perform the best under most circumstances. Click the name of the package to get instructions on how to download and install. Note that some packages require you to be on the engineering license VPN.
  • Software available on Citrix XenApp – (What is XenApp:
    • These package will be made available via XenApp, our remote software platform. Since this is a limited resource, we may remove packages that are available for laptop install.
  • Software available via remote on Linux
  • If there is other software that you need that is not on this list, please check with your instructor.


We have created a quick resource guide for students at If there is anything that we should add, please let us know at