Information for students and staff

The finish to the spring semester was very challenging for us all and necessitated a fully new process preparing for the fall. CAE has spent the summer exploring all options for enabling students to remotely access as many CAE resources as possible. In addition, we have been working with researchers and instructors on technical needs for enabling their instructional and research labs.

CAE Labs changed for physical distancing

We have been working with Engineering Safety Folks(1) and following campus guidelines to re-configure our lab facilities. (2)

– All CAE labs have reduced workstation numbers, to allow better spacing between students.

– 2261 Engineering Hall is paired with 2255 EH to allow teaching larger courses with spacing between students.

– M1051 Engineering Centers Building is paired with M1053 ECB to allow teaching larger courses with spacing between students.

– B103c and B555 Engineering Hall as well as 1235, 1245, and 1263 Mechanical Engineering will not be open.

Keyboards have been bagged and cleaning supplies will be placed in all labs for students to clean their workspace. If a keyboard protector is damaged or missing, or the keyboard wipes are empty, please contact the CAE help desk at


Software library has been reviewed for remote student work

You can view information about how to access software here:


The CAE help desk will be open

The CAE help desk, primarily staffed by students, will be open as long as the campus is open. The desk has been outfitted with shielding to protect our workers and the customer they are helping. Due to student schedules as well as online only students, there may not be an in-person consultant available at the help desk. For most issues, please email us at