College of Engineering Research Computing Lead

The College of Engineering at UW-Madison seeks a team member that is passionate about research computing to lead a team within Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in expanding our research computing services and helping researchers access those services quickly and efficiently. This position will help define the technical services needed to support researchers, consult on scientific computing needs, advocate to campus-level research computing services, and lead a team supporting research computing.

The Organization

CAE is the primary organization for information technology in the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We are responsible for college-wide networks and systems that support all teaching, learning, research, and outreach for the college.

Your role

We need a a leader to help refine and grow our research computing services in the UW-Madison College of Engineering (CoE). This position will guide strategy to improve research computing efforts across the college, collaborating with technical colleagues, campus-level cyberinfrastructure efforts, and compliance professionals.

What you can do

You will engage with researchers to understand their technology needs, translate that into service models, and drive implementation of those services. You will network with similar professionals across the UW-Madison campus to facilitate efficient use of computing services to advance research. In addition, you will work with wonderful colleagues to improve our readiness for audits around security, research integrity, and data protection.

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