Subject: CAE Lab Software updates

CAE will be updating some of the software titles in the labs this summer. If you use any of the software in the CAE labs, it is vital that you review this. Please do not assume that what you need is offered. To view the currently installed software, please visit If you have not looked in a while, there have been many changes since last summer.

The following is a list of software titles that CAE is planning to upgrade/make changes to. If you have any other needs, please let us know. While we may not be able to accommodate all requests, it will allow everyone to have an understanding of what will be available. The deadline for any requests is July 31st.

Once the changes have been made, an email will go out requesting you to test the software that you use for your courses. This includes software that is only used in the spring. Please (and I will add a second ‘please’ here) test your software. If there are problems that are not resolved during the summer, they may not be fixed before you need them for class.

Windows machine software upgrades:

NX 11
AspenOne v9.1
LabVIEW 2017
Solidworks 2017-18
Autodesk 2018 (when available)
Matlab 2017a
Moldex3D R15
ANSYS 18.1

Linux machine software upgrades:

Ansys 18.1
Mathematica 11.1
Matlab 2017a
MSC Suite 2017*
Synopsys 2017
NX 11 (This is already done, but we need it tested)
Mentor Suite
-Calibre 2017.2_16
-AMS 17.1_1
-ModelSIM 10.6a
GAMS 24.8.5

The following linux software will be updated, time permitting:


The following software will be removed from Linux:

LabVIEW (It is still available on the Windows machines)

Please send any questions, comments or requests to the CAE Help Desk (

Thank you,

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